What We Do

The mission of the National Education Finance Academy is to promote scholarly inquiry, to advance knowledge, and to inform policy and practice in the field of education finance. Our organization serves scholars, students, policymakers and practitioners in the fields of P-12 education finance, higher education finance, economics of education, education law, and educational policy. We accomplish our mission by holding an annual conference. The program from each annual conference are archived on this site.

2022 Annual Conference

Building Systems of Equity for All
Virtual Conference

Thumbnail of 2022 Conference Program Cover

2021 Annual Conference

In Pursuit of Equity
Virtual Conference

2020 Annual Conference

Civil Rights in the 21st Century
Virtual Conference

2019 Annual Conference
Lake Washington, WA

2018 Annual Conference
Tulsa, OK

2017 Annual Conference
Cincinnati, OH

2016 Annual Conference
Jacksonville, FL

2015 Annual Conference
St. Louis, MO

2014 Annual Conference
Louisville, KY

2013 Annual Conference
Indianapolis, IN

2012 Annual Conference
San Antonio, TX

2011 Annual Conference
Tampa, FL